Project Body Smart | The 1/2 Naked Instagram Issue


The 1/2 Naked Instagram Issue


Lee Boyce –

Habitually posting naked on social media doesn’t necessarily mean you have “more confidence”.

And refusing to do so doesn’t necessarily mean you have “less confidence”.

Of course, none of the above is what social media would like you to think.

I belong to an industry where that reality is even more sensitive than it would be for people who don’t belong to it.  Many of us have been contributing to the misleading ideology where these so-called leaps of confidence and courage are euphemisms for what are often cries for help and validation from those with a possible history of image insecurity.

The kicker is, many of the people guilty of this will still juxtapose their published nudes with some statement about inner strength, overcoming obstacles, or some other self-actualized platitude that hardly even befits what’s being presented.

Normally, I wouldn’t care about any of this. The problem is, many of the people who find fitness inspiration from the things they see online will pull from such examples. There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by a great physique or a strong lift. But there’s a lot that hinges on how it’s presented, and whether the mental state of the individual setting it out is actually solid.  If we want to make people confident in their own skin, it’s going to take more than making it seem like the end goal should be to strip down for an IG photoshoot. If that’s what you see as “confident, happy and empowered”, then maybe you’re contributing to the issue. 

You’re not missing anything by keeping your clothes on and logging out. If it’s a business move, it’s also worth asking yourself exactly what you’re trying to sell, and to whom.

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