Project Body Smart | The best calorie control guide. [Infographic]


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The best calorie control guide. [Infographic]

Estimating portion size and food intake just got a whole lot easier.

By Brian St. Pierre

Head swimming with calorie numbers and daily allowances? Trust us…there’s a better way. Try this calorie control guide. It’s practical, powerful, and proven.

Trying to gain weight? Lose weight? Just eat healthy?

Then finding the right portions is probably on your mind.

But calorie counting is usually a recipe for failure: It’s annoying, impractical, and research shows it can be up to 25 percent inaccurate on both sides — calories in, and calories out.

We can’t stand it. So we came up with a better way.

Want to print this out and post it in your kitchen? Click here to download.


Click here for a fully printable version of this infographic. Keep it in your kitchen and at the office for easy reference during every meal.

Want to learn more? For a complete explanation of this infographic, check out our accompanying article: “Forget calorie counting: Try this calorie control guide for men and women.”

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