Project Body Smart | The secret: It’s almost entirely NOT about the food or fitness.


The secret: It’s almost entirely NOT about the food or fitness.

As a Precision Nutrition Coach I’ve learned a lot about People and Behavior.

To get in great shape and live an awesome and confident life, you don’t need a “new diet” or “new workout plan”.

You need a new story about food and fitness, and about yourself.

Your food and fitness = Your life

Here is another secret:

What you do with food and exercise mirrors the rest of your life.

Think about your life as a whole.

  • Are you busy and rushed? Then you’ll probably rush your meals or skip workouts.
  • Do you crave immediate gratification? Then you’ll seek that in your food and fitness as well: a sugar high, a caffeine fix, a chocolate rush, the latest and greatest workout plan, late-night infomercials, etc.
  • Do you take care of everyone else’s needs first? Or worry about “providing”? Then you will neglect your own needs until your body gets its revenge, maybe with a late night binge or thrilling back spasm.

Nothing is inevitable.

Anyone can change.

But change requires self-awareness and a sustained, holistic commitment to doing things differently.

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