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While some Gyms are opening and most people are excited to be lifting again. Some people are hesitant about going back to working out in fitness facilities. Who can blame them? When the shutdown happened gyms were hot, sweaty and sometimes crowded places. Our outlook on that kind of environment has changed forever even if it didn’t bother us before.

So if and when you do go back, check to see if your choice of facility is following healthy cleaning and sanitizing guidelines. Hand sanitation stations, equipment sanitizing stations, thorough cleaning sessions throughout the hours of operation etc. Look for larger spaces with lots of air or minimal member allowed if it’s a smaller place. Outdoor is another excellent option. Some facilities offer outdoor workouts and training which allows for better air quality and decreases the chance of spreading germs.

Project Body Smart at Global Fitness & Racquet Centre is offering small group training sessions of 4-6 people to allow for distancing and a more personalized workout. Every Participant has their own equipment that has been cleaned and sanitized for the session. These small groups will be outside as long as the weather is cooperative or indoors in a large private space should the need arise. Groups can be your own family and friends or a combination of like minded people looking for the same Safe Effective Training.

Something else you might want to consider along with grocery shopping, restaurants etc. is the fitness facility local and contributing to your community.

For more information contact: Gordon Palmer or

Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach and Functional Aging Specialist

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