Project Body Smart | USANA Reset journey. I was terrified.


USANA Reset journey. I was terrified.

Another check-in with Morgan and the Reset Journey.

Today was my first weigh in since beginning my USANA Reset journey. I was terrified.

Let’s rewind… What is Reset?

USANA Reset is a weight loss/ healthy living program designed to “reset” your body and your mindset, eliminating bad habits and rebuilding your lifestyle one step at a time. You start the program with a five day, back-to-basics cleanse. You are allowed three nutrition shakes a day, with one serving of fruit and vegetables, two USANA snack bars and USANA vitamins. No caffeine, no high-glycemic foods; water and herbal tea only. After five days of restricted clean eating, you enter the Transform phase, which consists of two shakes, one bar, one low-glycemic snack and one complete meal with protein, vegetables and fruit plus starches after a workout. Transform phase lasts as long as you want it to, depending on your personal goals. In this phase, you can gradually add in more foods, making healthier, educated choices. The program is designed to teach moderation, and the importance of eating balanced low glycemic meals and snacks to prevent spiking blood sugar.

I started the Transform phase on the 14th of August. Three weeks and five days have passed since my initial measurement and weigh in, and today was the first time I’d checked my weight and body measurements since I started trying to lose weight. I was anxious about making that crucial comparison between where I started and where I am now. Because despite how much better I’ve felt and all the effort I’ve put into following the Reset plan correctly, I was positive that I hadn’t lost any weight.
I can’t say exactly why I felt this way. Put it down to low self-esteem I guess. I knew it would be another failure to add to my list and I was just waiting for confirmation.

People had been asking me how Reset was going, but the question I couldn’t answer was the one that everyone asked, “Have you lost any weight?” I would reply as vaguely as I could, saying that I didn’t know because I hadn’t weighed myself, which was certainly true. But that just led them to the next dreaded question, which was worse by far: “Can’t you tell by how you look?” Many years of self-consciousness have taught me to never rely on what I think I see in the mirror, because my perception of myself only ever reflects my mood, which changes constantly. If I’m happy and well-rested, I gaze fondly at my reflection, seeing amazing results and weight loss. When I’m tired or stressed, looking in the mirror makes me see cellulite everywhere, and I want to cry. I’ve never been a good judge of my own appearance; this is what I’ve explained to people repeatedly for the past three weeks. “Finally, after weigh in I can give everyone a straight answer!” I thought. However relief was the last thing I felt, because I had a feeling that the answer was going to be one that I couldn’t live with.

All of my anxieties stem from one fear: What if this doesn’t work? I feel like I have tried everything, every trick and every method, from healthy to unhealthy, with no success. I kept thinking to myself: if this doesn’t work, what am I going to do? I didn’t know. So I was afraid.

I lost 10lbs of fat, 6 centimetres around my stomach, and shrunk everywhere else that we measured except in one place. My shoulders grew by one centimetre. Never in my life have I been more proud of becoming one centimeter bigger. Because that one centimeter was created by hard work, determination, heavy lifting, persistence and the fulfillment of my goal to do “one more” every time. I realized that big doesn’t equal bad, and was reminded that small doesn’t equal healthy. I’m proud of my big shoulders. No they’re not “ladylike” or skinny, and they would never grace the pages of Vogue Magazine, but they’re strong. They remind me of the determination it took to build that muscle, and that I’m strong enough to fulfill my goals. I can change. This is working.

Someone once told me that once you eliminate fear, nothing stands in the way of change. I’m not afraid of failure anymore, because I’ve always known the first ten pounds is the hardest, and I’ve lost those first ten pounds! From here on out, I’m confident that I can do this. And that makes all the difference, every day.

So I’m telling everyone: no matter how afraid you are of failing, have faith in yourself. Your results may come as a complete surprise to you. Unfortunately, I think most people underestimate what they can achieve. Those who don’t are the successful people we admire and look up to in our lives. They’ve realized their potential. That’s where the power of change comes from: belief in oneself.

“What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” – Robert H. Schuller

I’m going to attempt to be healthy, happy and slim. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

Be strong.


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