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Why a Strong Core Is So Important to Everything

It’s funny how language evolves sometimes. For example, when we were in school, our gym teacher might’ve taught us about exercises for our stomach muscles.

Then, when we were adults, we started hearing about our abdominals.

And now we’re told that abs are just one part of something much more important: The Core.

After all these years, maybe we need a short lesson about all this.

What’s your core, anyway? And why is it so important and specifically to people after age 40, 50 and beyond who want to be healthy, strong and independent?

The core is the center of all our movements and stabilization. It includes our abdominal muscles as well as other midsection muscles like the obliques, lower back, hips and pelvis. The core keeps us stable and erect, lets us rotate from side to side, and improves performance of daily activities – like climbing stairs and carrying groceries – as well as sports – from golf to swimming and beyond.

Having a strong core alleviates lower back pain, improves posture and mobility, and helps prevent falls.

You can keep a strong core through exercises at home or in a fitness facility. You don’t have to do sit-ups or crunches – in fact, many trainers recommend against them, anyway. Common core work includes planks, squats, seated side bends, as well as Pilates and yoga moves.

In other words, everyone can – and should – do core work of some kind, regardless of age, level of fitness, or physical limitation.

We are happy to show you what’s best for you, so please, come see us today.

Your core will thank you.

The Global Health and Fitness Team of Trainers, Kinesiologists, Athletic Therapists, Functional Aging Specialists, Nutrition Coaches and all our Instructors form Yoga and Tai Chi to Strength and Conditioning welcome you with open arms and enthusiasm. We’re here to help you strengthen your Core and so much more.

Gordon Palmer, Training and Fitness Coordinator.

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