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You Probably Can Afford It.

You just choose not to and that’s Ok

Money is funny. We use it to justify so many priorities, and at least as many rationalizations.

Top Ten List: Fitness and How We Spend (or Invest) Money on Ourselves

So, when people say they don’t have the money to spend on fitness, it’s helpful to pause and ask: Do you really not have the money to spend, or do you choose to spend it on other things?

Investing in yourself with exercise pays huge dividends in all kinds of ways, including financial. Exercise reduces our health-care costs, including medications, and the time lost to illness and injury. We know this without a doubt.

Expenses are relative, of course. Sometimes we’re not aware of how much this compares to that. So, with no judgment here, let’s consider the typical costs of these 10 items or services. Think about how much money goes where, and how much of it benefits us as richly as it does when we invest in our fitness.

  1. Coffees and other Treats at your favorite coffee shop: Your purchase, plus tax. Multiplied by how many you have a month. Plus whatever you spend on croissants, bottled water, and breath mints there.
  • Pet care. How much do you spend on your pets every month. Food, Vet bills, medications, beds, toys, treats?
  • Cable or Satellite TV. How much is this running you? $150? $200 or more a month with Netflix, crave, prime and other subscriptions.
  • Hair coloring and highlights: This can add up like crazy.
  • A one-hour massage: Or pedicures and manicures, facials, tattoos, piercings, nail polish…….etc.
  • Monthly restaurant costs: How many times do you eat out a week? breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks?
  • Smoking and drinking: This adds up very quickly with the increase in wine popularity and breweries popping up everywhere. If you smoke you’re more than aware of increases in the cost of that habit financially and physically. Now there’s vaping and marijuana as well. How much do you spend on these habits monthly?
  • Movies, Concerts, and other Entertainment: What do you spend on these?
  • Sporting events: Do you hold seasons tickets to sporting events? How often do you attend games? pay for entry, beer, snacks, noise makers etc?
  1. Typical monthly car costs: What do you spend on your vehicle? Do you have more than one? Maintaining it, insurance, repairs, blinging it up with gadgets etc?

Now, we’re not saying you should spend more or less on these things – even fitness. The quality of your exercise program is not directly related to the amount of money you can spend on it. Joining a fitness facility can turn into the best thing you do. It can become a hang out where you meet your friends for healthy activities and social time without the beer, wine and nachos that tend to happen at other gatherings and activities. You most likely will make new friends that are like minded and realize the value in being a part of a healthy community.

So maybe next time you are considering spending money on a gym membership, personal training or other fitness activities you could think to yourself. Can I afford it? Or am I choosing not to invest in my health and well being by continuing to spend the budget on the above? Or it might not be the right fit for you. Just keep looking for something that suites your needs.

We want you to think of it as an investment. We know you will be pleased with the return.

Project Body Smart.

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